Sohni Dharti Remittance Program

1LINK, along with Banks, the State Bank of Pakistan, and the Ministry of Finance, is proud to introduce a one-of-its-kind incentive program for Non-Resident Pakistanis and their beneficiaries. Sohni Dharti Remittance Program is designed to incentivize Non-Resident Pakistanis to use formal banking channels to remit their hard-earned money to beneficiaries in Pakistan.

1LINK has designed and launched an Android and iOS based Mobile App for users to register as a Remitter and earn points on their remittances sent to Pakistan through designated financial channels. Using the Mobile App, remitters can further enroll their beneficiaries and transfer loyalty points to them. The registered users would be eligible to earn reward points on all subsequent remittances as well as avail exciting privileges provided by government agencies exclusively for remittance senders and receivers.

The Remitter can register himself/ herself. The Beneficiary can only be registered after authorization by the Remitter.

Earn reward points on every remittance you send!

Remitters will earn reward points based on a certain percentage of every transaction once sent. There are four rewarding tiers:

Category Annual Remittance amount
(in a fiscal year)
Reward Points Earning
(% of Remittance Amount)*
Green Up to USD 10.000 1.00%
Gold From USD 10,001 to USD 30,000 1.25%
Platinum From USD 30,001 to USD 50,000 1.50%
Diamond More than USD 50,000 1.75%

**Equal PKR amount of remittance

Redemption Benefits

Entity Services Offered Redemption Flow
PIA International Air Tickets

Extra Baggage Fee on PIA International Flights

FBR Mobile Phone Duty

Payment of Duty on imported Vehicles

NADRA Renewal of CNIC/NICOP Download
Passport Office Renewal Of Passport Download
State Life Life Insurance/Takaful Premium Payment Download
Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF) School Fee Payment Download
Utility Stores Corp Retail Purchases Download
Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment (BE&OE) Emigrant Registration Fee – OEP

Emigrant Registration Fee–Direct Employment


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For tutorial videos of Sohni Dharti Remittance App, please watch the playlist below:

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Sohni Dharti Remittance Program is a Government of Pakistan initiative to incentivize Non-Resident Pakistanis who send home remittances to Pakistan through official remittance channels.

You will be eligible to receive loyalty points on every remittance transaction you send to Pakistan. The points will be awarded on the basis of the assigned criteria, and you can avail exclusive loyalty benefits at our partnering public sector entities (PSEs) for this program.

Any Non-Resident Pakistani, CNIC/NICOP holder, who sent remittance to Pakistan.

Simply download the Sohni Dharti Remittance Program Mobile App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Input few registration details, including your active Mobile No. and set a password and your registration request will be processed.

We apologize for the inconvenience you are experiencing. For assistance on the matter, you can get in touch with our Contact Center representative at +92 21 111 11 67 57.

As a remitter, you can select any country other than Pakistan.

As a Remitter, you can register a Beneficiary against his/her valid CNIC No. using the Mobile App. The Beneficiary will receive a registration code along with the App download link on SMS on your provided mobile number, using which he/she can enroll as a Beneficiary. The registration code is valid for 03 days, after which the request will expire, and you will have to re-add the beneficiary.

You can add anyone with a valid Pakistani CNIC/NICOP. The app will allow you to add beneficiary even if they are not the actual recipient of your remittance amount. There is also no restriction on the relationship between the remitter and the potential beneficiary. However, a single beneficiary can be added by 3 remitters only.

Using the Transfer Points option on your App Home screen, you can select an active, registered beneficiary and enter the points value you wish to transfer. The points will be transferred to your beneficiary, and he/she will receive an alert for the same.

The beneficiary is advised to wait at least one working day for his/her points transfer. If the beneficiary does not receive his/her points, please get in touch with our Contact Center representative at +92 21 111 11 67 57.

Once your account is activated after NADRA verification, loyalty points are automatically calculated and awarded to you against remittances sent to Pakistan.

For better experience you can add your remitter receiver, which will assist auto awarding of loyalty points into your SDRP account.

You can add up to 10 receivers who you sent remittance to in Pakistan.

It may take up to five working days to get loyalty points awarded on your remittance sent to Pakistan.

Loyalty points will be awarded if the registered name on the SDRP App matches the name on the transaction receipt.  Therefore, to avoid any inconvenience, please request your MTO/Bank(s) to share your complete full name in the remittance transaction.

You may use the Self Award Points feature on the Mobile App Home screen to generate a request for your points award, if not already awarded before. In case you are still unable to receive points against the said transaction, please call our Contact Center representative at +92 21 111 11 67 57 for further assistance on the matter.

if you have not received points against your remittance transactions, you can initiate points award request using self-award feature after 3 working days of your remittance sent to Pakistan and has been collected by your receiver or credited in the receiver’s account.

The total value of annual remittance determines the loyalty category. Loyalty points are awarded on a fixed percentage of that value. The awarding percentages vary based on the category of the user.

Green (Default) – 0 to 10,000 USD annually – 1.00% award of transaction amount.

Gold – 10,001 to 30,000 USD annually – 1.25% award of transaction amount.

Platinum – 30,001 to 50,000 USD plus annually – 1.50% award of transaction amount.

Diamond – 50,001 USD plus annually – 1.75% award of transaction amount

The remitter’s category will be automatically updated based on the USD amount of remittance he/she has sent in a fiscal year i.e., 1st July to 30th June. The categories will be re-set to Green starting every fiscal year.

For the purpose of redemption, 1 loyalty point is equivalent to PKR 1/-.

You can use your loyalty points to pay for applicable services at multiple public sector entities. For a list of available loyalty benefits and partners, check the View Loyalty Benefits page on your App Home Screen.

Yes, Roshan Digital account holders can also register for SDRP. However, loyalty points will only be awarded against the amount which will be consumed locally and cannot be repatriated.

For example, an RDA holder pays education fees of his/her dependents in Pakistan, pays rent for residence, medical or insurance expenses or any similar expenses, will become eligible for reward points. Further, reward points may be earned on the funds spent for Roshan Apni Car or Roshan SamajiKhidmat. However, the unspent balance in PKR or FCY account and amount invested in property, stocks, NPCs and INPCs etc. is repatriable and will not be eligible for rewards under SDRP.

You can only register for this program if you send the remittance to Pakistan in PKR. Remittance send in other currency is not eligible for registration.

In app complaint management section is available for customer complaint resolution, you may also log your complaint at 111-116-757 or [email protected]. Please ensure to give your CNIC while registering complaint for tracking purpose.

Yes, below point transfer limits are applicable on Remitters: 

Remitter to Beneficiary Transfer Limit Per Transaction / Profile Limit Per profile / Month Limit
Amount Based 150,000 500,000

Yes, you can add five beneficiaries in a lifetime. One beneficiary can be added at a time.

You will get Loyalty points after registration in SDRP. On prospective remittances, you will be eligible for loyalty points.

Yes, you can only self-award remittance transactions upto 5 in one month.

Yes, there are three types of redemption limits in Sohni Dharti Remittance Program.

1.Customer Profile based limit

Description Limit
Customer profile / day Limit

Customer profile / Month Limit



2.PSE wise Amount based limits.

S.No. PSE Per Transaction / profile Limit Per Month Limit
1 BEOE 2,500 75,00
2 OPF 20,000 60,000
3 PIA 100,000 100,000
4 PASSPORT 20,000 50,000
5 FBR 200,000 200,000
6 STATE LIFE 200,000 200,000
7 US 15,000 30,000


3.PSE wise velocity (Transaction based) limits

S.No. PSE Velocity per Customer / day Limit Velocity per Customer / month Limit
1 BEOE 1 3
7 US

Note: all limits are simultaneously applicable on each customer profile.

Yes, you can change your mobile number, notification shall be sent to new and previous mobile number. If you do not receive notification message, please call our Contact Center representative at +92 21 111 11 67 57 for further assistance on the matter.

Yes, a device shall be allowed to register/access maximum three users.

One SIM will be allowed to one user only, SIM will be bind with unique CNIC.

Remitter and Beneficiary are not allowed for selling and purchasing of loyalty points.

You need to insert complete 24-digit IBAN or account number with minimum 10 digits for remittance received via account.

You will be awarded maximum five transaction per day and five transactions per month.

Certainly, you can receive up to 10,000 points per day and per month through receiver-based awarding.

A remitter can add up to ten receivers in their lifetime.

The application is currently available for Android users only, and it will soon be made available for iOS users.

Yes, you can log in to the SDRP profile on an Android device even if you are an iOS user. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Insert your SDRP registered SIM into the Android handset.
  2. Download SDRP App on your android device.
  3. Open the SDRP application on your Android device.
  4. Enter your profile credentials (username and password) in the login screen.
  5. You will receive an OTP (One Time Password) on your registered mobile number.
  6. The OTP will be automatically fetched by the application.
  7. After successful OTP verification, you will be logged into your SDRP profile on the Android device.

Make sure of the following:

  1. Check your network connection.
  2. Ensure your device has the SIM card registered with the SDRP app.
  3. Wait at least 5 minutes before trying to regenerate the OTP.
  4. If you’re still not receiving the OTP, contact us at +92-21-111-116-757 or [email protected].

Make sure of the following:

  1. Check your network connection.
  2. Ensure your device has the SIM card registered with the SDRP app.
  3. Verify your mobile settings allow for OTP fetching.
  4. If your mobile phone still can’t fetch the OTP, contact us at +92-21-111-116-757 or [email protected].

For any queries and support, contact us at: [email protected]

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