Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform (1TIP)

1LINK is committed to administering and evolving a strong, robust, and secure electronic payment network in the country to enable real-time transactions. To further strengthen the payment ecosystem and facilitate the financial industry against ever-increasing cyber threats, 1LINK has partnered with Trillium Information Security Systems (through its subsidiary Cydea Tech (Pvt) Ltd.) to offer a local and purpose-built Threat Intelligence platform. This encompasses a threat intelligence community sharing platform, threat advisory services from centralized 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) covering all regions and time zones, data feeds/enrichment from multiple sources, sandbox environment for malware analysis and external brand monitoring, among other value-added features provisioned through leading and best in class threat feed providers and digital risk protection experts. In short, 1TIP enables the financial organizations (prominently banks) to monitor and combat against the possible cyber threat thereby enabling them to reasonably develop or enhance compliance with many regulatory requirements pertaining to cyber security.