Bill Payment Services

Cut the queue, pay your electricity bills and more in seconds with 1LINK’s fast and efficient Bill Payment Service (BPS). The BPS functionality allows 1LINK members to collect payments for 1000 + entities including but not limited to Utilities, Telecommunication & ISPs, Government bodies and Education institutions through OTC & ADCs.


1BILL is a unified bill payment service for easy business operations that allows businesses to collect payments for their products and services saving them time and money. 1BILL’s simplified user experience in electronic bill payments allows consumers to pay all bills including Credit Card bills, Utility bills, Government bills, Education fee vouchers, loan payments, etc. through member banks. With a unique prefix attached to customer ID/Consumer number/Bill Number, 1BILL eliminates the need of selecting billers individually from the drop-down menu for payments. The enablement of 1BILL allows 1LINK members to improve collections through 1LINK’s Bill Payment Rails.

On the front-end side, 1BILL also brings ease of integration for 1LINK members / initiating entities i.e., no development effort is required, as soon as the billing entity is enabled at 1LINK; the collection rails are opened to customers of all 1LINK members.

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OTC BPS is the front end of 1LINK’s Bill Payment Service (BPS), enabling member banks and other bill initiators to offer bill payment services through their tellers. The legacy bill payment mechanism via bank’s OTC has been a cumbersome process for the customers, making them wait in the long queues. 1LINK’s OTC BPS brings about convenience by simplifying the bill collection mechanism at the teller’s end, hence enhancing the system efficiency.