Switch Dispute Resolution System (SDRS)

As part of the initiative to increase the quality of service for members, 1LINK launched Switch Dispute Resolution System (SDRS) to aid dispute handling.

The SDRS provides an automated, centralized platform for members to track complaint status and is designed to minimize errors and increase convenience for members. Quick and efficient complaint handling puts members on track to meet State Bank of Pakistan timelines, reducing the risk of financial penalties caused by breach of turnaround time.

Currently, SDRS supports dispute handling for the following services:

  1. ATM cash withdrawal
  2. Inter-bank fund transfer (1IBFT)
  3. Inter-switch transactions (ATM cash withdrawal and 1IBFT)
  4. Bill payment transactions
  5. PayPak POS disputes
  6. Industry-wide PayPak card issuance record
  7. PayPak loyalty program