1LINK Hosted Services Platform

With 1LINK’s centralized multi-institution setup, members can benefit from the infrastructure investment made by 1LINK and scale their business by leveraging on the value-adds, including, but not limited to:

  • Quick enabling of new business opportunities through ready to integrate modules.
  • Existing banks/NBFIs to switch to 1LINK platform due to lower TCO and cost efficiencies.
  • Facilitation to new entrants – EMIs, Fintechs, AMCs, PSO/PSPs, government entities, etc.
  • Affordable services for smaller and micro banks.
  • PCI DSS compliant environment and guaranteed uptime.

Following are the services being offered:

3D Secure Issuer ACS Solution

  • Enables secure online transactions for PayPak.
  • EMV 3D Secure 2.1 Compliant.
  • Ensures maximum customer satisfaction and promote e-commerce transactions in a secured environment.

3D Secure E-Commerce Acquiring – Merchant Payment Gateway

  • Enables institutions to set up a secure e-commerce acquiring system.
  • Captures customer information, performs encryption and routes the transaction for authentication.
  • Available for all payment schemes including PayPak.

Card Management System (CMS) – Debit & Prepaid

  • Complete hosting solution catering to all payment scheme cards including PayPak.
  • Offers host of services including complete card product management, transaction management, inventory management, etc.

Merchant & POS Management System

  • Supports both debit/prepaid and credit card transactions of all payment schemes.
  • Performs routing of transaction to the appropriate network for authorization.
  • Manages merchant life cycle.