Fraudulent Transaction Dispute Handling (FTDH)

1LINK introduced 1IBFT Fraudulent Transaction Dispute Handling via the already existent SDRS to provide enhanced monitoring and 24×7 dispute lodgment for fraudulent transactions between banks for end to end dispute resolution.

Salient Features of fraudulent Transaction dispute handling module as under:

  1. 24×7 1IBFT fraudulent transaction dispute lodgment.
  2. A system that works with centralized user management, i.e., Admin users (Master User), Input users, Approver users, etc.
  3. A system that works with maker checker concept.
  4. Suspected disputes will be handled through system instead of manual work around like email etc.
  5. Centralized monitoring of fraudulent transactions member banks.
  6. Real time availability of fraudulent transactions dispute dashboard for member banks.
  7. Email alerts on high ageing dispute to respective user of member banks.
  8. System will support fraudulent transactions resolution process as per agreed SOP.
  9. Customized report.