About Us

1LINK is Pakistan’s first fully licensed PSO/PSP, largest payment gateway and switch system, committed to administering and evolving a strong e-payment network in Pakistan. Complying with the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), 1LINK steers the connections among its member banks and stakeholders under the highest security standards. Being Pakistan’s leading financial enabler, it has bagged many ‘firsts’ to its profile. It has pioneered the development and operations of the Inter Bank Network which provides interoperability through shared ATM network, real-time interbank funds transfers, connectivity to International Payment Schemes such as Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay and JCB. 1LINK has also transformed the bill collection ecosystem by launching a unified bill payment system that allows onboarded billers to go live on financial institution’s Omni channels.

As part of its dedication to building and sustaining consistent payment networks, 1LINK is the catalyzing force behind the development of e-payments in the country and is focused on adding new products and services to its portfolio to further enhance Pakistan’s financial industry. It undergoes PCI DSS certification review annually and for PIN security every two years. Additionally, being an SBP regulatee, BID (Banking Inspection Department) SBP periodically conducts inspection under their by-laws covering all aspects of operations, information security, compliance and infrastructure. 1LINK’s Fraud Risk Management System (FRMS) equips member banks with a complete fraud detection suite, along with the tools to handle associated risks which has been a catalyst in creating a secure and protected ecosystem for all stakeholders.

1LINK is owned by consortium of 11 banks. It was incorporated with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) as a Guarantee Limited Company on September 20, 2004 and with State Bank of Pakistan (SBP)’s approval on September 30, 2015, 1LINK became Pakistan’s first fully licensed PSO/PSP. It was converted to Private Limited Company under section 49 of Companies Act 2017 on July 5, 2018.



To be Pakistan’s world class payment system of choice, by leading and operating a boundaryless digital payments grid and related ecosystems.


We are Pakistan’s first PSO/PSP licensed leading payment gateway providing state-of-the-art, convenient and secure digital financial solutions through sustainable innovation, concurrently creating value for the online payments industry, improving the lives of the people we touch, and contributing towards the dream of digitizing Pakistan. 1LINK aims to provide an enabling environment to its stakeholders and to unreservedly collaborate, cooperate and/or co-exist with relevant players for the common goal of growing the payments landscape of Pakistan.

Core Values

At 1LINK, our ethos of “oneness” drives the core value system which aims to inculcate these guiding principles in our staff. The culture that develops from it outlines how we interact and conduct ourselves with various stakeholders. This culture exhibits pride in our brand, our efforts to delight customers and proffer high quality services.

The 1LINK value system ‘F.I.N.P.A.L’ is a blend of carefully chosen behavioral attributes which we believe facilitates our employees to align to our philosophy. Each value starts with ‘respect’ which indicates that our attitude is always developmental, and we extend deference to whoever lives by the values we espouse:

Respect for Facts

We uphold integrity to the utmost level ensuring transparency and exercising objectivity as the guiding principle for decision making. As we are a payment switch processing trillions of rupees in throughput, 1LINK respects quantitative analysis, statistical data and meritocracy. We handle a large volume of Pakistan’s electronic payments and always uphold principles of honesty and fair-play and are “ameen” of the information flowing through 1LINK.

Respect for Inclusion

We foster openness in all aspects of our interactions to inculcate demographic diversity in workplace (SEC, gender, race, religion, culture, etc.), experiential diversity (our affinities, hobbies, and abilities), and cognitive diversity (how we approach and think about change, innovation and disruption). We align ourselves to perform collectively towards a common goal and encourage teamwork. It is the limitless and total adhesion to our vision which means compassion for all, especially the marginalized and the downtrodden.

Respect for Novelty

We think out of the box by not settling for what we already know. Instead, we never stop learning, because we know that originality sprouts through exploring new ideas and considering fresh perspectives, upon which the business thrives. Our innate sense of curiosity helps us explore unchartered territories and compel us to experiment with unconventional techniques to go beyond the obvious. Our value system fosters an environment which emanates energy that comes from within and is not forced on from outside. At the end, we are our best competitor.

Respect for Pakistaniyat

We demonstrate solidarity with Pakistan. We don’t consider ourselves as just an ordinary commercial organization and therefore we must look through the prism of Pakistan’s benefit by committing ourselves to a bigger purpose of achieving excellence, enhancing Pakistan’s image in our domain and bringing positive change to Pakistanis. This sense of obligation towards Pakistan motivates us to fervently contribute towards bringing cheaper and better payment systems to our homeland.

Respect for Accountability

We strive to maintain answerability for our actions and results, keep promises and commitments made to others and act/lead in a manner that reflects:

  • Spirit of transparency to hold self and others accountable for actions taken
  • Willingness to subordinate one’s own interest for the common good
  • Resolve to learn from oversights of our own and others
  • Intent to introspect and improve
  • Humility while staying assertive

Respect for the Law

We strive to adhere to the boundaries defined by Government of Pakistan and conform to regulations set forth by State Bank of Pakistan, pertinent regulators and other authorities. Furthermore, we endeavor to become role models for the society and act responsibly as brand ambassadors of Pakistan, both in Pakistan and abroad.