1LINK promotes innovation and collaboration for freelance developers, startups, FinTechs, Banks, FIs, NBFIs, EMIs, PSO/PSPs, Billers and Government Entities. 1LINK’s Open API Gateway currently offers an initial set of 16 APIs on Sandbox and certification catalogues that enable Members to incorporate 1LINK functionality into their projects. The Open API developer portal can be accessed through URL : https://sandbox.1link.net.pk/

Following APIs are available through P2P connectivity:





Bill Inquiry

Easy access to more than 1000+ Billers for bill inquiry & payments

Bill Payment



Title Fetch

Interbank Funds Transfers facility on 37 Member Banks & 13 Affiliates

1IBFT Push

Bulk 1IBFT

Bulk IBFT Title Fetch

Convenient Bulk Title Fetch information & Fund disbursement

Bulk IBFT Push

1IBFT Insta

Title Fetch

Instant Funds Transfer with Reversal. 1IBFT Insta provides instant decisioning without recourse.

1IBFT Insta Push



Biometric cash withdrawal

Enable Interoperable biometric cash withdrawal



QR code generation

Integrate 1QR code functionality

OTP Based Debit Service

Account verification & OTP Generation

Account based payment method to facilitate account holders to securely make payments from their deposit accounts on third party platforms i.e., Portal and Mobile App.

OTP Based Debit Authorization



1LINK is exposing its APIs to external partners and developers over the internet. Each web-service is to be exposed in both SOAP and REST protocols via 1LINK API sandbox platform. Open API Developer Portal available publicly over the internet. Interested audience can visit the developer portal at https://sandbox.1link.net.pk/) to register themselves through a self-registration process. The registration process is free and easy. An automated email will be sent by 1LINK that will be used to complete the registration. Developers can use these credentials to explore 1LINK Open API platform and get details of API products available on the portal.

Swagger API is available on sandbox to perform basic API validation with sample codes in different programming languages. The developer portal also provides basic product documentation and specification against each published API, which can be used by the developers to learn and test the APIs.