Fraud Risk Management Solution (FRMS)

1LINK equips member banks with a complete fraud detection suite, along with the tools to handle associated risks.

1LINK Fraud Risk Management System (FRMS) Fractals augments the immunity of the payments ecosystem by enabling member banks to monitor suspicious activity on their debit/credit/prepaid/gift cards portfolio, internet and mobile banking covering the set of both Off-Us (Cross-Switch) and On-Us transactions across alternate delivery channels in issuing and acquiring scenarios.

31 banks/FIs are already managing their fraud risk management systems via 1LINK’s FRMS. 1LINK centrally hosts this application, and member banks subscribing to this service can access it through the web using secured point-to-point connectivity to monitor alerts. Being a user-friendly fraud analysis system, it allows member banks to review available transactional data, with a full investigation of alerts, along with cardholder usage profile, alerts history, case management notes, and fraud tagging.

As an addition to the existing capabilities, 1LINK has developed the prevention mode of FRMS. The prevention mode guarantees real-time decisioning capability at bank’s level before authorization of the transaction. However, the enablement of this mode requires direct integration of FRMS with bank’s switch.