Inter Bank Fund Transfer (1IBFT)

Bringing more convenience to the end customers, 1LINK enables the member banks to offer ‘Inter Bank Funds Transfer’. 1LINK is the first entity in Pakistan to launch “1IBFT” – Inter Bank Funds Transfer, a 24/7 real-time service that ensures online transaction processing instantly across different banks.

1IBFT eliminates the lag in the inter-bank funds transfer, bringing down the associated cost of transaction. Customer is saved from the nuisance of writing cheques, awaiting cheque clearance or making Pay Orders. 1IBFT can be performed via any alternate delivery channel, including ATM, call center, website or mobile phone app. Today, 1IBFT has become imperative to keep up with the dynamic business landscape and the fast-paced customer lifestyles.

1IBFT via 1LINK provides the following benefits to its customers:

  • Fund transfer to 1IBFT participating members
  • Real-time, instant fund transfer
  • Available on all alternate delivery channels e.g., ATM, internet/mobile banking, call center; as well as Over the Branch Counters

1IBFT diversifies into the following categories:

  • Customer to Customer (C2C)
  • Customer to Business (C2B)
  • Business to Customer (B2C)
  • Business to Business (B2B)
  • Government to Customer (G2C)
  • Customer to Government (C2G)
  • Government to Person (G2P)
  • Person to Government (P2G)

1IBFT Over the counter (1IBFT OTC)

1IBFT OTC is an innovative service to facilitate consumers for easy and quick transfer of funds from branch counters. Transfers can be made from sender’s bank account and/or handover cash at participating member banks branch counter to be transferred to the receiver’s account in any bank. It provides an additional over-the-counter interface to banks for 1IBFT. Members are provided with a web interface on the portal (for 1IBFT & BPS transactions) provided by 1LINK or they can integrate and consume 1LINK’s provided API in their own banking interface.

Members can offer the 1IBFT OTC service specially to those accounts holders who are reluctant to use the bank’s ADC channel for transferring funds and hence rely on traditional paper-based instruments.


1LINK-1IBFT Insta is a service to meet the increasing demand of evolving payment industry to offer real time funds transfer without recourse. 1IBFT Insta – variant of 1IBFT transaction works without (SAF) and fulfils the need of retail payments by transferring funds instantly using QR payments, account-based e-Commerce transactions etc. 1IBFT Insta also improves P2P transfer experience through instant credit confirmation and helps boost the mobile P2P transfer.

OTP Based Debit Service

The OTP Based Debit service is a new payment method that is designed to facilitate account holders to securely make payments from their deposit accounts on third party platforms i.e., Portal and Mobile App. It allows customers to pay for transactions by debiting directly from their bank accounts/wallets, as opposed to processing through a card.

This transaction set introduced by 1LINK under Funds Transfer Rails for its Members and Affiliates allows customers to verify/ link their bank accounts to a third-party payment acquiring channel without the need to logging in to the Internet / Mobile banking, and subsequently make payments through a direct debit. The account verification and the payment debit are made secure using an OTP mechanism, which is sent to customer for authorization of each transaction request by the Issuer.

The service aims to enable 54 million+ account holders and 58 million+ M-wallets to make payments conveniently from their deposit accounts.