Shared ATM

1LINK being the leading shared ATM Network in Pakistan enables inter-connectivity among the member banks creating a broad-based card acceptance for cash withdrawal at customer’s disposal apart from their own bank’s ATM.

This facility allows Banks to provide cash withdrawal and balance inquiry services to customers at all ATMs across the country (for Off-us transactions). Moreover, for On-us transactions, 1LINK has transformed ATMs into more than just a cash-withdrawing machine. All member banks via 1LINK’s shared ATM network can offer Inter Bank Funds Transfer, balance inquiry and bill payment services to their customers. Over 191 million ATM transactions (and growing) were successfully processed by 1LINK in the year 2019.

This connectivity and transaction routing is backed by “Authentic” (NCR), an agile transaction processing platform employing ORACLE database which allows 1LINK to operate multi-faceted payments from a single platform while complying to the EMV standards. Through its switching services, 1LINK connects 33 commercial and microfinance banks with branch banking in collaboration with the key global payment schemes such as VISA, Mastercard, UnionPay International (UPI) and Japan Credit Bureau (JCB).

Inter Bank Fund Transfer (1IBFT)

Bringing more convenience to the end customers, 1LINK enables the member banks to offer ‘Inter Bank Funds Transfer’. 1LINK is the first entity in Pakistan to launch “1IBFT” – Inter Bank Funds Transfer, a 24/7 real-time service that ensures online transaction processing instantly across different banks.

1IBFT eliminates the lag in the inter-bank funds transfer, bringing down the associated cost of transaction. Customer is saved from the nuisance of writing cheques, awaiting cheque clearance or making Pay Orders. 1IBFT can be performed via any alternate delivery channel, including ATM, call center, website or mobile phone app. Today, 1IBFT has become imperative to keep up with the dynamic business landscape and the fast-paced customer lifestyles.

1IBFT via 1LINK provides the following benefits to its customers:

  • Fund transfer to 1IBFT participating banks
  • Real-time, instant fund transfer
  • Transfer of up to PKR. 1,000,000 per day
  • Available on all alternate delivery channels e.g. ATM, internet, call center, mobile

1IBFT diversifies into the following categories:

  • Customer to Customer(C 2 C)
  • Customer to Business (C 2 B)
  • Business to Customer (B 2 C)
  • Business to Business (B 2 B)
  • Government to Customer (G 2 C)
  • Customer to Government (C 2 G)
  • Government to Person (G 2 P)
  • Person to Government (P 2 G)

Bill Payment System (BPS)

Bill Payment System (BPS) by 1LINK is a collection platform where onboarded billers go live on financial institution’s Omni channels. Member banks can deploy bill payment service through their Alternate Delivery Channels.

Banks can deploy BPS that will allow:

• Hassle-free, 24/7 bill payment facility to customers unlike conventional banking
• Convenient payments of bills/challans/fee and purchase of tickets.

Currently 425+ Billers are on 1LINK’s BPS which includes, but is not limited to utility companies, telecommunication service providers, government bodies (Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP)), Airlines, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), education institutes etc. On average, 1LINK processes eight million (and growing) BPS payments per month. The bill payment service at 1LINK revolves around three key entities.


The growing need of bill payment & customer focus on digital initiatives lead to a unified payment concept which enables customers to use a single payments interface – 1BILL.

1BILL offers member banks to integrate easily, and a user-friendly interface for consumer to pay all bills including but not limited to Credit Card bills, Utility bills, Government bills, Education fee vouchers, loan payments etc.

1BILL simplifies the user-experience in electronic bill payments. With a unique customer ID, 1BILL eliminates the need of selecting billers individually from the drop-down menu for payments.

Lesser steps , lesser screen-flows, hence an improved and quick user-experience to pay the dues. 1BILL also brings ease of integration for member banks i.e. one-time development effort required for addition of 1BILL and afterwards all current and future billers will be automatically enabled without any change at banks end.

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1LINK’s OpenAPI Platform currently offers initial set of 12 APIs on Sandbox and certification catalogues that enables Members to incorporate 1LINK functionality into their projects. Following APIs are available through P2P connectivity:

Category APIs Features
Bill Payment Bill inquiry Easy access to more than 500 Billers for bill inquiry & payments
Bill Payment
1IBFT Title Fetch Interbank Funds Transfers facility on 38 Member Banks
Bulk IBFT Bulk IBFT Push Convenient Bulk Title Fetch information & Fund disbursement
Bulk Title Fetch
1RTP Trusted Beneficiary List Enable beneficiary-initiated transactions
Request to pay
1ID Biometric cash withdrawal Enable Interoperable biometric cash withdrawal
QR QR code generation API Integrate QR code functionality

1LINK Hosted Services Platform

With 1LINK’s centralized multi-institution setup, banks can benefit from the infrastructure investment made by 1LINK and scale their business by leveraging on the value-adds, including, but not limited to:

  • Quick enablement of new business opportunities through ready to integrate modules
  • Existing banks/NBFIs to switch to 1LINK platform due to lower TCO and cost efficiencies
  • Facilitation to new entrants – EMIs, Fintechs, AMCs, PSO/PSPs, government entities, etc.
  • Affordable services for smaller and micro banks
  • PCI DSS compliant environment and guaranteed uptime


Following are the services being offered:

  • 3D Secure Issuer ACS Solution

    • Enables online transactions for issuers (all schemes)
    • EMV 3D Secure 2.1 Compliant
    • Ensures maximum customer satisfaction and promote e-commerce transactions in a secured environment.


  • 3D Secure E-Commerce Acquiring – Merchant Payment Gateway

    • Enables institutions to set up e-commerce acquiring in a secured manner
    • Captures customer information, performs encryption and routes the transaction for authentication
    • Available for all payment schemes including PayPak.


  • Card Management System (CMS) – Debit & Prepaid

    • Complete hosting solution catering to all payment scheme cards including PayPak.
    • Offers host of services including complete card product management, transaction management, inventory management, etc.


  • Merchant & POS Management System

    • Supports both debit and credit card transactions of all payment schemes
    • Performs routing of transaction to the appropriate network for authorization
    • Manages merchant life cycle

1LINK Tokenization Service

1LINK Issuer Gateway service for tokenization allows card issuers and wallet providers to launch mobile payments rapidly without having to go through various security frameworks or complex integration.


  • Advanced data protection minimizing risk of card or personal details being hacked by fraudsters
  • On the go, contactless payment through smart phones at Point of Sale Terminals.
  • e-Commerce payments can now be based on token through a Token on File mechanism instead of storing sensitive data (Card on File) at merchant.


1LINK (Pvt.) Limited has joined hands with Gemalto, a Thales company, and Visa to enable digital payments through tokenization in Pakistan. To provide similar experience, this service will also be available to PayPak cardholders soon.

1IBFT Over the counter (1IBFT OTC)

1IBFT OTC is an innovative service to facilitate consumers for easy and quick transfer of funds from sender’s bank account and/or handover cash at participating member banks to be transferred to receiver’s account in any bank. It provides an additional over the counter interface to banks for 1IBFT. Banks are provided with a web interface on the portal (BPS & IBFT) provided by 1LINK or they can integrate and consume 1LINK’s provided API in their own banking interface.

Member Banks can offer the 1IBFT OTC service specially to those accounts holders who are reluctant to use Bank’s ADC channel for transferring funds and hence rely on traditional paper-based instruments.


1QR is an innovative development over the existing 1IBFT service, that contributes convenience at customer’s end by transforming the way P2P and Retail payments are work.

1QR potentially opens a new market of P2P and Retail transactions below the threshold of PKR 10,000. Given the rise in trend of modern trade and ride-hailing services, 1QR will be a ‘game-changer’ for the Pakistani market.

1QR caters the following transaction set:

• P2P: The receiver shares the credentials in form of a QR, and the sender scans the QR to make the payment
• Retail: Instead of swiping the card on POS, the customer just needs to scan the QR Code displayed on the counter via his/her mobile phone.


1ID by 1LINK is a bio-metric enabled cash withdrawal scheme that eliminates the need of card at ATMs.

Through 1ID, cash can be withdrawn against:

  • Mobile Wallet
  • Domestic Remittance
  • Bank Account

1ID also has the feature of interoperability which means that the customers of one bank can withdraw funds from another member bank’s bio-metric enabled ATM. Launch of 1ID has put Pakistan in the ranks of few countries which have interoperable biometric cash withdrawal schemes.

Fraud Risk Management System (FRMS)

E-payment around the world, though convenient, is highly susceptible to several risks. Always a step ahead, 1LINK implemented a Fraud Management Solution in September 2014, equipping member banks with a complete fraud detection suite, along with the tools to handle associated risks.

1LINK Fraud Risk Management System (FRMS) Fractals augments the immunity of the payments ecosystem by enabling member banks to monitor suspicious activity on their debit/credit/prepaid/gift cards portfolio, internet and mobile banking covering the set of both Off-Us (Cross-Switch) and On-Us transactions across alternate delivery channels in issuing and acquiring scenarios.

23 banks are already managing their fraud risk management systems via 1LINK’s FRMS. 1LINK centrally hosts this application, and member banks subscribing to this service can access it through web using secured point-to-point connectivity to monitor alerts. Being a user-friendly fraud analysis system, it allows member banks to review available transnational data, with full investigation of alerts, along with cardholder usage profile, alerts history, case management notes and fraud tagging.

As an addition to the existing capabilities, 1LINK has developed the prevention mode of FRMS. The prevention mode guarantees real-time decisioning capability at bank’s level before authorization of the transaction. However, the enablement of this mode requires direct integration of FRMS with bank’s switch.

Switch Dispute Resolution System (SDRS)

As part of an initiative to increase the quality of service for member banks, 1LINK has launched a Switch Dispute Resolution System (SDRS) to aid dispute handling.

The system provides an automated, centralized platform for member banks to track complaint status and is designed to minimize errors and increase convenience for member banks. Quick, efficient complaint handling puts member banks on track to meet State Bank of Pakistan timelines, reducing risk of financial penalties caused by breach of turnaround time.

Currently SDRS supports dispute handling for the following services:
1. ATM cash withdrawal
2. Inter-bank fund transfer (1IBFT)
3. Inter-switch transactions (ATM cash withdrawal and IBFT)
4. Bill payment transactions
5. PayPak POS disputes.


1LINK provides VISA certification and connectivity to member banks to issue/acquire VISA debit cards which can be used on the Global VISA Network. This allows 1LINK member banks to open their network for international card acceptance.

1LINK is VISA-certified third party processor for VISA debit cards and as a third party processor, 1LINK has propelled usage of VISA debit in Pakistan.


With the expansion of international tourism, Asian expat growth, and competitive fee structures, UnionPay is an attractive addition to payment selections offered by financial institutions. Issuers and acquirers are evaluating UnionPay in the payments market space as UnionPay gains significant acceptance in the industry. Along with its huge acceptance, UnionPay provides support for a variety of transaction models and payment channels. UnionPay offers support for traditional ATM and POS transactions, as well as contactless and mobile payment transactions.

With this collaboration, 1LINK becomes the first entity in Pakistan to have direct membership with UnionPay as Third Party Service Provider (TPSP). In addition to this, 1LINK and UnionPay also entered into an acquiring agreement for 100% acceptance of UnionPay branded cards on all 1LINK ATMs. With this initiative, all 1LINK member banks automatically become UnionPay acquiring members and can accept international UnionPay Cards on their ATMs.


Mastercard is a technology company and payment industry leader. For over four decades, they have been at the heart of commerce, making the global economy safer, more efficient, inclusive and transparent for all.

Consumers, merchants, business partners, and governments in markets around the world have reaped the benefits of their innovative products and solutions, which simply put, are designed to make life

1LINK provides Mastercard certification and connectivity to member banks to issue/acquire Mastercard Debit Cards which can be used on the Global Mastercard Network. This will help 1LINK member banks to open their network for international card acceptance.

1LINK is a Mastercard-certified third party processor for Mastercard debit cards and as such, is the force behind Mastercard debit in Pakistan.


1LINK has entered into a partnership as a third party processor for JCB in Pakistan. This partnership offers member banks an economically viable business model; allowing member banks to issue cards operational on the global JCB network.1LINK member banks can sign up on the JCB International network through 1LINK, enabling them to issue JCB debit cards.

Due to its commitment to the highest quality services in addition to the most convenient, efficient, and secure payment products, JCB is now one of the most reliable payment schemes in the world. JCB cards are accepted at millions of merchants around the world, and are supported by ties with more than 350 financial institutions worldwide.

By being part of the global JCB network, member banks can offer their customers convenient, efficient,and reliable payment products in tandem with the highest quality services. Connecting with JCB on issuing and acquiring services through 1LINK will help our members open doors to financial benefits as well as the privilege of instant local support for all their operational and business queries.

The following services are currently available:

  • ATM acquiring
  • POS acquiring
  • Card issuing

1LINK (Pvt.) Limited is committed to administering and evolving a strong, robust and secure e-payment network in the country to enable real-time transactions. In order to further strengthen the payment ecosystem and facilitate the financial industry against ever increasing cyber threats, 1LINK has partnered with Trillium Information Security Systems (through its subsidiary Cydea Tech (Pvt) Ltd.) to offer a local and purpose-built threat Intelligence platform. This encompasses a threat intelligence community sharing platform, threat advisory services from centralized 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) covering all regions and time zones, data feeds/enrichment from multiple sources, sandbox environment for malware analysis and external brand monitoring, among other value added features provisioned through leading and best in class threat feed providers and digital risk protection experts. In short, 1TIP enables the financial organizations (prominently banks) to monitor and combat against the possible cyber threat thereby enabling them to reasonably develop or enhance compliance with many regulatory requirements pertaining to cyber security.

To know more about 1LINK Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform (1TIP), please contact [email protected]