1LINK has entered into a partnership with JCB, acting as a third party processor for JCB in Pakistan. This partnership offers our Member Banks an economically viable business model; allowing member banks to issue cards which are operational on the global JCB network.1LINK member banks can sign up on the JCBInternational network through 1LINK, enabling them to issue JCB debit cards.

Due to its commitment to the highest quality services in addition to the most convenient, efficient, and secure payment products, JCB has now transformed into one of the most reliable payment schemes in the world. JCB cards are accepted at millions of merchants around the world, and are supported by close ties with more than 350 financial institutions worldwide.

By being part of the global JCB network, member banks can offer their customersconvenient, efficient, and reliable payment products in tandem with offering the highest quality services.  Connecting with JCB on Issuing and Acquiring services through 1LINK will help our members open the doors to financial benefits as well as the privilege of local instant support for all their operational and business queries.

Currently the following services are available:

  • ATM Acquiring
  • POS Acquiring
  • Card Issuing