Inter Bank Funds Transfer enables customers to transfer the funds in or out of your account instantly between banks without the hassle of making pay orders, writing cheques etc. The service allows customers of 1LINK member banks to transfer funds from their account to any of the millions of accounts of other participating member banks on 1LINK network across the country. The IBFT service is real-time and instantaneous which can be performed from any Alternate Delivery Channels (Such as ATM, IVR, Call Center, Internet, Mobile, etc) of 1LINK Member Banks.

The product is the first of its kind in this part of the globe and will potentially change the dynamics of the banking industry through customer convenience and prove to be a major step towards e-Pakistan.

  • 1LINK provides the following benefits to its customers:Fund transfer to IBFT participating banks
  • Real-time and instantaneous funds transfer
  • Send up to Rs. 250,000 per day
  • IBFT enabled on all delivery channels (ATM, Internet, Call Center, Mobile)

IBFT is diversified into following categories:

  • Customer to Customer(C 2 C)
  • Customer to Business (C 2 B) => Credit Card Bill Payment
  • Business to Customer (B 2 C) => Online Remittance, charity payments
  • Business to Business (B 2 B) => Corporate Payment
  • Government to Customer (G 2 C) => Government Payment