In continuation to the progressive & highly volatile e-payment dynamics, 1LINK sensed to equip their member banks with complete suite of fraud detection and handling of associated risk with the set of transactions and implemented a Fraud Management Solution in September 2014.

1LINK Fraud Management Solution will enable member banks to monitor near real time suspicious activity on Debit/Credit/Prepaid/Gift cards portfolio covering the set of Off-Us (Cross-Switch), On-Us transactions across the Alternate Delivery Channels in Issuing & Acquiring scenarios.

The application is centrally hosted at 1LINK and member banks subscribing to this service can access via web interface using secured point to point connectivity for their alerts monitoring. Being a user friendly fraud analysis system, it will enable member banks to review all transactional data available with full alerts investigation along with cardholder usage profile, contact information, alerts history, case management notes and fraud tagging (if any).

In addition to the above geographies, 1LINK Fraud Management Solution also enables the fraud analyst and his/her supervisor(s) to manage alert queues, assign alerts to other active analysts, sort and filter the alerted transactions, reset and rollback the transaction velocity counters, search card and merchant account instantly without leaving investigation menu, mark full and partial freeze to unnecessary alerts rose during investigation, test user rules before activation including rule scheduling and historical view of cardholder, merchant & ATM profiles.

This 1LINK Fraud Management Solution will lead the industry to highly secured eco-system for customers and take e-Payment & e-Banking to the next era.